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We require a $500 booking deposit to hold your rental and at the time of pick up you will pay for the remaining balance of the rental cost plus an additional $1,000, for the Refundable Damage Deposit. This deposit will be refunded back within 7-10 business days once the RV is returned with no damage. Additional charges that are owed will be settled before deposit is refunded.

If you need to cancel the rental reservation you will want to notify us as soon as possible. If you cancel 30 days prior to pick up you will be refunded 100% of your rental deposit. If you cancel within 29-14 days of the rental you will be refunded 50% of the rental deposit. If you cancel within 14-0 days of rental your deposit will be forfeited.

We are giving you FREE generator usage.  While driving or staying at a campground that does not have electricity you will have to run the generator in order to power the following items: Roof top A/C unit, television, DVD player, microwave, and plug outlets. 

Your furnace, refrigerator/freezer, water, and interior lights will work with just the battery, assuming the battery is charged, which happens as you drive the vehicle or have the vehicle plugged in to an electric source.

We include 100 miles free for each rental day.  Over and above the 100 miles you will be charged .50 for quoted and charged .75 upon return for those miles over what was quoted. 

***Contact our RV Rental Representative with any questions you may have. ***

Quick Start Package
All of our rentals will have the quick start package included with the rental. Which includes Hoses, Adapters, Chemicals, Toilet Paper, fresh water and propane tanks filled and 45 minute RV orientation? Quick Start Provision Package is required to acquaint the customer and drivers with the operation of the vehicle before departure. The RV Orientation is given to familiarize the customer with the different aspects of the RV and basic operational information. This will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour depending on customer.

RV Rental Insurance
Our rental insurance is supplied to us by MBA Insurance. The cost of the Choice Package starts start at $22 per day; this is based on the unit you are renting. This covers statutory liability, statutory uninsured/under insured motorists, medical payments or (PIP), collision, and comprehensive. You can also purchase higher liability limits up to $1,000,000.

***Insurance is required to rent an RV. ***

Refundable Damage Deposit
$1,000 is Paid in addition to rental fees which will be refunded back once the RV is returned without damage.

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